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Let's Make Mirai-chan's Uniform!


As a special commemoration product celebrating the worldwide broadcast of 'Culture Japan', the show that introduces Japan's pop culture to the rest of the world, we have created a cosplay uniform for Danny Choo's mascot character, Mirai Suenaga!

A Detailed Rendition!

prototype prototype

In order to faithfully recreate her lovely uniform and ensure that no details are left out, the material, accessories and sewing work are all done with help from some of Japan's most respected uniform producers. The whole uniform has been carefully made in Japan, and is sure to impress cosplay fans across the globe, as well as all of Mirai-chan's fans!

Completed Mirai-chan Uniform


For a closer look, head to the photo page below!
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Mirai Suenaga's Summer uniform is now available again!

This time round we have added a small size. We've also been able to
cut down costs on our end meaning that we can pass on savings onto the
consumer and introduce a lower price for the uniform!!

[Set Price:   19,800JPY]

Sorry, we're out of stock every size.
We are sorry that this item is out of stock and it will not be produced again.