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Mirai-chan Uniform Photos

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Right: The upper buttons can be undone, making it simple to wear!
Left : The lacing of the skirt.Center,Right:Both sleeves and the front feature fully embroidered logos.

Product Details

Sailor Jacket

Front: No left/right pockets. / Left and Right are sewn with darts.
No shoulder pads. / No lining.
Materials: 90% Tricot Polyester / 10% Cotton
Neck Area: 100% Twill Polyester


Pleated Skirt (with tape and lace)

Front: No left/right dart sewing. / Left side-fastener
Back: No left/right dart sewing / No belt. / No lining.
Main Fabric Material: 100% Twill Polyester
Lace Materials: 88% Torsion Lace Cotton / 8% Nylon / 4% Polyurethane
Tape Materials: 100% Polyester